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Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm

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China China Work Platforms Online Market certification
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Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm

Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm
Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm

Large Image :  Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EuroKlimat
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
Model Number: EKWD 021/032/043CRSQ
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: EKWD 021/032/043CRSQ Flow Control Method: Electronic Expansion Valve
Cooling Capactiy Range: 74 KW~150 KW EER: 5.7
High Light:

water cooled condensing unit


air conditioner package units


 Modular Water Source/ Geothermal Heat Pump Unit





Technical data sheet


SQ standard model for chilled water circulation


Basic modules   EKWD021CSQ   EKWD032CSQ   EKWD043CSQ  
Cooling mode Nominal Cooling Capacity kW    74 110 150
Total Power of Nominal Cooling Capacity kW 14 22.3 30.1
Water flow Evaporator      m³/h 12.7 18.9 25.8
Condenser m³/h 15.1 22.8 30.9
Water pressure drop Evaporator kPa 21 30 30
Condenser kPa 17 19                          19                       
Heat exchanger type Evaporator type         Plate                    Shell-and-tube
Condenser type   Shell-and-tube
Recommended total
pipe diameter
Evaporator                         mm DN65 DN65 DN80
Condenser mm DN65 DN65 DN80
Volume Adjustment Steps   2 3 4
Regulation mode   Fuzzy control
Compressor        Model   Fully hermetic volute
Lubricant   Mineral oil (SUNISO 3GS)
Refrigerant Flow control method          Electronic expansion valve
Category   R22
Dimensions L x H x W mm 1647x1202x632 2247x1498x710
Unit weight Net weight kg 452 703 887
Transportation weight kg 478 738 922


Notes: Test conditions for the unit are as follows:
■ Test conditions for nominal cooling capacity: inlet chilled water temperature at the application side 12°C; outlet chilled water temperature at
the application side 7°C; inlet cooling water temperature at the heat source side 30°C; outlet chilled water temperature at the heat source
side 35°C.
■ The water main of the assembled unit needs to be made and mounted on site, and the diameter needs to comply with the design
■ The attached Y-shaped filter must be mounted at the water inlet of the evaporator of each unit.
■ The cooling water and chilled water of the unit must be softened to avoid scaling in the heat exchanger.
■ The water pressure drop of the unit does not include resistance of any external water pipe or component.
■ Basic modules of the assembled unit are EKWD032CRSQM/SM/S and EKWD043CRSQM/SM/S. A unit may be formed by modules of the
same model or different models.
■ Product specifications are subject to change due to upgrade without further notice.




1, The modular water source/geothermal unit supports applications in all conditions and can switch between multiple modes to fully meet user needs for cooling, heating, and hot water. With an innovative water system, the energy-saving unit delivers an EER as high as 5.7, provides higher energy efficiency when working at a partial workload, and saves energy by 50% compared with other systems after operation in a year.

2, The unit is designed with a comprehensive water system and consists of efficient components carefully selected and designed for a low operation noise. The unit supports fuzzy volume regulation for a narrow range of temperature changes and quickly reaches the set temperature.                        In addition, the unit provides hot water at a set temperature as high as 55°C quickly and steadily to meet requirements for comfortable hot water in all places..

3 With modular design, the unit starts step by step, reducing the shock on the grid, and maintenance of a single unit does not affect running of other units. In addition, the unit provides multiple built-in security protection functions, and supports intelligent and centralized control, facilitating daily management.

4, The leading-edge shell design allows the unit to be installed in an outdoor space such as terrace and rooftop without the need of a dedicated room. The unit delivers a long lifecycle and runs for long. Units may be installed in batches according to project progress. One water system that works in multiple modes saves investment on other devices such as heating and hot water supply devices, thereby saving the energy..

5, The 32RT and 43RT basic modules support free combination of master units and slave units to form 1 to 16 units, providing as many as 153 solutions for a cooling capacity as high as 688RT.

6, The unit sends control signals to valves of the water system to easily switch between the water source/geothermal heat pump mode, heat recovery mode, and water heater mode, meeting requirements for cooling, heating, and hot water around the clock.

7, The unit easily implements variable primary flow pumping, which helps the central air conditioning system save energy by 30%.

8, The modular design allows transportation by using elevators and manual forklifts and eliminates the need for hoisting.

9, The modular design allows units to be moved separately and assembled, facilitating installation work.

10, The unit works with efficient volute compressors, shell-and-tube condensers, and dry evaporators, and is carefully designed by EK experts upon strict comprehensive tests for model selection. This ensures that the unit works in a least energy consuming way. The unique evaporator structure and efficient compressor technologies allow the unit to reach an EER as high as 5.7 when working at full workload and to save more energy at a partial workload.

11, The evaporator and condenser use efficient heat exchange copper tubes for thorough evaporation and condensing and a higher efficiency. A baffle plate is mounted inside the evaporator to change the water flow direction, further enhancing heat exchange. The system flow structure is simple, heat exchange is stable, and maintenance is easy.

12, Combinations of modules allow volume regulation for more steps and support precise control by 11RT at each step. This helps the unit stay in the optimal energy conservation state and work efficiently around the clock.

13, The control system of the unit sends out intelligent control signals for the cooling tower, cooling water pumps, and chilled water pumps, automatically regulates the temperature of the cooling water by controlling the fan of the cooling tower, and reduces energy consumption of the cooling water tower. This enables automatic flow control for pumps in line with the transducer, which helps the central air conditioning system save energy by 30%.

14, The unit is built with pressure protection, antifreeze protection, overload protection for compressors, and water flow protection, ensuring security of the unit. The system provides the self diagnosis function. The controller sends an alert upon a fault and displays the fault code.

15, The unit centralizes system management functions, adopts a modular structure, and starts step by step, reducing the shock on the grid. The unit ensures balanced wear for compressors, which increases its lifecycle. Failure of a single compressor in the unit does not affect normal running of other units. Repair and maintenance work of a single unit do not affect running of other units.

16, The unit can implement fuzzy volume regulation according to the set temperature to ensure a narrow range of temperature fluctuation. The unit adopts vibration isolation technologies and multi-plenum noise reduction techniques for strict comparison, selection, and improvement of components. Professional noise reduction design for the structure and pipeline ensures leading-edge vibration and noise performance of the unit.

17, The unit adopts shell design and does not require a dedicated equipment room. It may be installed at any proper place indoors, outdoors, or at rooftop. The shell adopts powder spraying technique with anti-UV coating materials, which fade slowly over a long time and greatly improve anti-erosive capabilities. The unit is small and compact, and may be moved by using an elevator or manual forklift. No professional hoisting devices are required, saving installation expenses. Combinations can be formed with little space during installation, reducing the land area required for placing the device.

18, Modules and relevant devices may be added up at any time according to changes of the application environment, thereby saving initial investment and operating expenses. A design margin is not required during model selection of the master unit, which may be increased at any time. This reduces wastes.

19, The unit is applicable to heat recovery scenarios. It performs precise monitoring on the temperature of the heat recovery circular water (circular water of the condenser), automatically outputs signals, and controls switching between cooling water and heat recovery circular water, thereby implementing optimal heat recovery.


Competitive Advantage:


With the help of over 40 years of experience in design of air conditioner units, EK combined the advantages of water source heat pump systems and heat recycler systems to launch the first modular water cooled air conditioner (water source heat pump) unit in the industry, that is, EKWD series modular water source/geothermal heat pump unit. This series unit can work in water chilling mode, water source heat pump mode, water source heat pump + hot water mode, cooling + hot water mode, and hot water mode, thereby meeting customer needs for multiple purposes, energy efficiency, stability, reliability, intelligent control, flexibility, and comfort.

Industrial 110KW / 150KW R22 Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 2247x1498x710mm 0

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